Our Story

Our Story

We’re Kanwal Singh, Sachit Jamwal and Bobby Bedi, three friends based in Sydney, Australia, who love hiking, vegan food, eco-friendly living, yoga and taking photos.

We started hiking together 15 years ago, exploring trails in NSW and the ACT, and pursuing our passion for the outdoors and nature photography.

The plan was to escape the daily grind and find balance for body, mind and soul. Spending time in nature worked so well, we just kept going!

We’ve since walked thousands of miles in Australia and beyond, from hiking Mount Kilimanjaro to trekking to Annapurna to reaching Everest Base Camp.

And we’ve met countless people who, like us, hike because they love exploring new places, immersing themselves in the wilderness, and physically challenging themselves in a way daily life doesn’t allow.

They, like us, discovered the life-changing power of stepping out of the city and into the wild. And we created Hiking Yaks to help you experience it too.

Join us on the best treks in Australia and around the globe.